• Product Info

    The Silybum Marianum Multi-Effect Essence Cream offers intensive repair and rejuvenation for brighter and more supple skin. Tailored to the causes and needs of oily and sensitive skin, it uses caprylic/capric triglyceride, which is easily absorbed and friendly to sensitive skin, as the base for YingCaoJi's multi-effect essence cream. In addition to milk grass fermentation extract, the cream is also infused with lactobacillus ferment filtrate and allantoin, further enhancing skin cell metabolism, moisturization, and smoothness.

    The product also includes a blend of three potent botanical extracts designed to help oily and sensitive skin strengthen its natural protective barrier and self-repairing abilities.

    Build your skin's barrier and stabilize skin conditions, initiating precision repair mode for oily skin!

    Function: Repairing

  • Origin:

    Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

  • Weight:

    50 g