• Product Info

    The Silybum Marianum Multi-Effect Essence Lotion is a favorite for those with oily skin, offering a lightweight, acne-controlling formula. In addition to a high concentration of milk grass fermentation extract, this multi-effect essence lotion also incorporates allantoin, which moisturizes the skin and gently metabolizes the aging stratum corneum, resulting in nourished and smooth skin.

    The product features hyaluronic acid in various molecular sizes that penetrate the skin layer by layer, providing deep hydration. It also contains extracts from Gentiana scabra root, which can soothe the skin, provide mild anti-inflammatory benefits, and regulate the balance of oil and water.

    With its refreshing and light lotion texture that turns watery upon application, it meets the skincare preference of those with oily and acne-prone skin for a non-greasy, refreshing feel. Ideal for oily and acne-prone skin, it can be used as a lotion after a multi-effect essence toner to seal the moisture into the skin.

    A soothing expert, this essence lotion provides a clear and refreshing relief for oily and acne-prone skin!

    Function: Repairing, Makeup Primer

  • Origin:

    Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

  • Weight:

    100 g