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    The Silybum Marianum Multi-Effect Essence Toner utilizes the properties of milk grass to treat acne, leaving the skin pure and translucent like jade. As a flagship product of YingCaoJi, this essence toner's main ingredient is milk grass (scientific name: Euphorbia hirta). After numerous formula adjustments and improvements in production processes, the current version of YingCaoJi's Milky Grass Multi-Effect Essence Toner was developed.

    The concentration of milk grass fermentation extract is as high as 99%, reducing the potential irritation that pure natural plant extracts may cause to sensitive skin. It also enhances the toner's penetration ability and long-term moisturizing effects.

    In a self-assessment test with 32 participants, 100% reported reduced redness from acne and refined skin texture, 100% found it to be gentle and non-irritating, 96.9% noticed a reduction in swollen red acne and soothed skin itchiness, while 93.8% believed it effectively diminished acne scars, dark red comedones, and tightened pores.

    Embracing the concept of original and pure skincare to restore healthy skin!

    Function: Acne Treatment, Skin Purifying

  • Origin:

    Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

  • Weight:

    120 g