• Product Info

    The Silybum Marianum Multi-Effect Cleansing Soap deeply cleanses and purifies pores. Utilizing natural amino acids like lauric acid as the base for its cleansing surfactants, it minimizes irritation to the skin while providing superior cleaning power.

    In addition to the inclusion of milk grass fermentation extract, the formula is enhanced with niacinamide, which inhibits melanin production and brightens the skin tone; citric acid, which gently metabolizes waste and removes dead skin cells, dissolves blackheads, and tightens pores; and trehalose, which ensures the skin remains moisturized and not tight after washing.

    Furthermore, the soap is enriched with three major botanical extracts, assisting oily and sensitive skin types in enhancing their natural protective barrier and self-healing capabilities.

    This soap is the first and most crucial step in the skincare routine for those with oily skin and acne-prone skin!

    Function: Cleansing

  • Origin:

    Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

  • Weight:

    100 g