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    The Silybum Marianum Multi-Effect Essence Toner and Lotion Combo is a powerful duo that aims to return your skin to a healthy state. The toner works to clear acne and fade acne marks, while the lotion is designed to repair and unclog pores.

    The Silybum Marianum range features a combination of milk grass extract, allantoin, Gentiana scabra root extract, and sodium hyaluronate. These four soothing agents effectively calm oily and acne-prone skin.

    Formulated without added fragrances or alcohol to avoid irritation, the products are gentler on the skin. The refreshing and lightweight lotion texture aids in better absorption by the skin, offering a non-sticky and fresh feeling without any burden. The regimen first soothes and reduces redness, then replenishes moisture to stabilize the skin's condition. It also gently metabolizes the aging stratum corneum and regulates the oil-water balance, leaving the skin moisturized and smooth.

    Only when the skin's foundation is stronger will the surface be smoother and more tender!

    Function: Soothing Skin, Acne Treatment, Firming

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    Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

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