Agrow Pro, a Century-Old Herbal Skincare Brand from Hong Kong, Launches in the Mainland Market

Posted on December 25 2023, By: Agrow Pro


Agrow Pro brand originates from Hong Kong, and it is a skincare brand with nearly a century of history. Combining modern skincare technology with traditional Chinese culture, it is filled with love and heritage. On November 25, 2023, Agrow Pro brand officially entered the mainland market.

It is known that the founder Rachelle's maternal grandparents have been practicing medicine in Hong Kong for generations. In the early 20th century, Rachelle's grandfather was already a locally renowned traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) doctor, particularly skilled in dermatology. He developed many herbal remedies that were significantly effective in improving skin conditions. Influenced and taught by her grandfather, Rachelle's mother later worked in skin care and improved some of the herbal remedies she inherited, transforming them into proprietary Chinese medicines for more convenient patient use. Rachelle herself also benefited from these remedies. During her adolescence, Rachelle had acne-covered skin. Her mother used her grandfather's herbal prescriptions to make the inflamed acne disappear in a short time. After continued use, Rachelle's skin not only cleared of acne without any scars but also became more delicate and fair compared to before.

The family's heritage and her own experiences sparked Rachelle's interest in using Chinese herbs for skincare from a young age. Moreover, Rachelle's father was always engaged in work related to Chinese culture such as jade, carving, and painting. Therefore, having grown up immersed in Chinese culture, Rachelle decided to return to her country after graduating from a university abroad. Back home, she collaborated with professional labs to combine ancient family formulas with modern skincare technology, and integrated elements like jade and Chinese painting into the packaging design, ultimately launching Agrow Pro brand and a range of functional skincare products. Agrow Pro is not only a tribute to the founder's family tradition but also an homage to parental love.

The first product line from Agrow Pro to enter the mainland market is the Milk Grass series. Its core ingredient, the milk grass ferment extract, is not only effective in improving skin inflammation but also enhances skin hydration, regulates the balance of water and oil, and improves dryness, roughness, and even fine lines. The discovery of this core ingredient is quite interesting. Rachelle's grandfather observed local farmers applying crushed milk grass to their livestock's wounds for healing. He later found that this practice also had a similar effect in stopping bleeding in humans. The juice obtained from boiling milk grass proved to be very effective in improving acne. Initially, the grandfather personally formulated milk grass water for patients with skin problems. In the 1990s, Rachelle's mother first improved the steaming process of milk grass and combined it with other ingredients to create the first generation of milk grass water. After several formula adjustments and manufacturing improvements, the current Yingcao Collection's Milk Grass Multi-Effect Essence Water was developed.

The improved Milk Grass Multi-Effect Essence Water has a high concentration of milk grass ferment extract at 99%, reducing potential irritation to sensitive skin from natural plant extracts and enhancing the essence water's penetration and long-lasting hydration.

Additionally, experiments have shown that milk grass ferment extract has a high inhibition rate against elastase. Excess elastase can break down the elastin in the skin. Therefore, a high inhibition rate means that the milk grass ferment extract can effectively prevent the loss of collagen in the skin. Plus, the milk grass ferment extract can also capture and clear free radicals, so the Milk Grass Multi-Effect Essence Water also plays a role in anti-oxidation and anti-aging.

In collaboration with professional labs, a tracking survey of 50 Chinese women using Yingcao Collection's natural Milk Grass Multi-Effect Essence Water for one month found that 93.8% of the subjects saw improvement in their acne, 93.8% felt a reduction in pore size, and 96.9% saw a reduction in skin redness.

In addition to the Milkweed Multieffect Essence Water, Agrow Pro's Milkweed series also developed a multieffect essence lotion/cream and cleansing soap for oily and acne-prone skin. The essence lotion/cream, in addition to a high concentration of milkweed ferment extract, also includes allantoin, sodium hyaluronate, Gentiana scabra root extract, Sargassum fusiforme extract, and Magnolia denudata flower extract. These ingredients can soothe skin inflammation, regulate oil-water balance, and better combat free radicals. The refreshing texture melts upon application, especially catering to oily and acne-prone skin's preference for a fresh, non-greasy skincare experience.

The cleansing soap, as the first and most crucial step in skincare for oily and acne-prone skin, contains milkweed ferment extract in addition to niacinamide, which inhibits melanin to brighten the complexion; citric acid, which gently metabolizes old keratin, dissolves blackheads, and tightens pores; and trehalose, which leaves the skin feeling non-tight after washing.

It is worth mentioning that the packaging design of YingCao Collection is also very distinctive. The packaging blends elements related to jade and Chinese painting and applies traditional Chinese medicine prescription elements to the labels.

The bottle cap design, with its smooth and rounded jade-like shape, interprets YingCao Collection’s heritage of Chinese jade and family cultural essence. The inspiration for the label design and paper choice comes from traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions, while the red gourd-shaped YingCao Collection stamp draws inspiration from traditional Chinese medicine seals, representing a symbol of safety and trust.

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